Realistic Instruments


Version: 1.5.1
by Spitfire Audio

LABS is a creative and innovative synth that features a wide range of different sound options. LABS is a great choice for anyone looking for organic and realistic sounds. It contains plenty of really realistic sounding pianos, guitars, drums, pads, etc. This plugin will add realism to your music.

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Features of LABS:

User-Friendly Interface

High-Quality Sounds

Inspiring and Expressive Sounds

What to use LABS for?

Emotional Piano: Use LABS to add a touch of emotional depth to your compositions with its expressive and evocative piano sounds.
Ambient Textures: Create immersive ambient textures and soundscapes using LABS' atmospheric pads and evolving textures, perfect for film scoring or ambient music.
Ethereal Choir: Bring a heavenly quality to your tracks with LABS' ethereal choir sounds, ideal for adding angelic voices or haunting vocal textures.
Creative Sound Design: Explore LABS' unique sounds for creative sound design purposes, such as crafting otherworldly effects or adding character to your audio projects.
Cinematic Orchestration: Utilize LABS to enhance your cinematic compositions with its collection of orchestral instruments. From soaring strings to majestic brass, LABS offers versatile sounds for creating epic and dramatic soundtracks.

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