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An overview about FL Studio

For the start you get a quick overview about the interface. Theese are the main elements of FL Studio:

What function has each element?

In the beginning the interface of FL Studio looks terrifying because of so many options and functions in the program. But you will think different when you understand the function of each element. Here is a short description of the mains elements:

The Channel rack

The channel rack holds drum samples & VST instruments. You can create with it drums loops, melodies and more.

The Piano Roll

The Piano Roll is a note editor. You can create with it melodies, chords, baselines and more.

The Playlist

The Playlist is an editor where you can arrange your melodies and drums patterns together created with the channel rack.

The Mixer

The mixer controls all your instruments & drums. You can control the volume or can add effects like reverb, compression etc.

A summary:

The Producer CheatSheets for this lesson

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