Version: 1.5.0
by Vital Audio

Vital is the perfect solution for those looking to enhance their sound and unleash their creative potential. With a range of synthesis options, including wavetable and granular synthesis, Vital offers endless possibilities for sound design. The intuitive interface and powerful sound shaping controls make it easy for producers of all levels to quickly create professional-quality sounds.

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Features of Vital:

High quality wavetable oscillators

Animated graphical displays

Efficient unison

What to use Vital for?

Discover how warping the harmonic makeup of a wavetable can completely create a new set of sounds.
Create wavetables from scratch using the built-in wavetable editor and even generate wavetables from text!
Turn your own samples into wavetables by using Vital’s pitch-splice or vocode wavetable converter.
Explore new design techniques using Vital’s unique features like stereo-modulation.
Stereo split an LFO to have the left channel’s modulation delayed from the right or give slight stereo time differences to an envelope to create wider stereo effects.

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