Stereo Imager

Ozone Imager

Version: 2.0.1
by iZotope

Ozone Imager is a powerful tool for enhancing the stereo image of your mix. With its intuitive interface and powerful controls, Ozone Imager makes it easy to create a wideimmersive soundscape for your music. Whether you are looking for subtle stereo enhancement or a creative effect, Ozone Imager has you covered.

Features of Ozone Imager:


Good Performance

Quality Sound

What to use Ozone Imager for?

Widening the Stereo Image: Utilize Ozone Imager to expand the stereo width of your tracks. Apply it to individual instruments or the entire mix to create a spacious and immersive sound.
Enhancing Separation: Use Ozone Imager to improve the separation and clarity of your mix elements. By adjusting the Width and Balance parameters, you can precisely control the stereo image and ensure each element has its own defined space.
Adding Depth to Synth Pads: Apply Ozone Imager to synth pad tracks to add depth and dimension. By widening the stereo image and adjusting the stereo placement, you can create a rich and enveloping sound that fills the sonic landscape.
Tightening Up Bass and Kick: Use Ozone Imager on bass and kick tracks to tighten the low end. Narrow the stereo image of these elements to focus their energy in the center, providing a solid foundation for your mix.
Creating Intense Buildups: Employ Ozone Imager in buildup sections to intensify the stereo impact. By gradually widening the stereo image as the energy builds, you can enhance the anticipation and impact of the transition or drop.

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