Vocal Doubler

Vocal Doubler

Version: 2.5.1
by iZotope

Elevate your music production with iZotope Vocal Doubler, a free VST plugin that offers an innovative solution for enhancing vocal tracks effortlessly. Designed to mimic the effect of human vocal doubling, this plugin is a must-have tool for both amateur and professional producers looking to add depth and richness to their vocal recordings.

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Features of Vocal Doubler:

Natural Doubling Effect


Zero Latency

What to use Vocal Doubler for?

Vocal Doubler is ideal for musicians looking to add richness and depth to lead vocal tracks in their songs. By applying a subtle doubling effect, the plugin can make the lead vocals stand out more prominently in the mix, giving the illusion of multiple takes being layered together.
Use the Vocal Doubler to enhance background vocals, creating a fuller and more complex harmonic background. This can be particularly effective in genres like R&B, pop, and gospel, where lush vocal harmonies are a key element of the musical style.
For singer-songwriters recording acoustic tracks, Vocal Doubler can add a layer of texture to the vocals, making a solo performance feel more dynamic and emotionally resonant. This can help solo artists achieve a more polished and produced sound even when working with minimalist arrangements.
Electronic music producers can utilize Vocal Doubler to experiment with vocal samples, transforming simple vocal lines into atmospheric pads or rhythmic components. This allows for creative manipulations that can define the sonic signature of a track.
Even when traditional double tracking (recording the same part twice for natural variation and richness) is used, Vocal Doubler can be added to further enhance this effect, adding additional depth and presence to the vocals. This technique can be especially useful in rock and indie genres, where vocal presence can dramatically impact the energy and impact of the recording.

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