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Wider VST Plugin Polyverse
Version: 2.0
by Polyverse Music

Experience the revolutionary sound manipulation of “Wider” by Polyverse Music – a free VST plugin that widens and enriches your audio in seconds, all without phase issues. Elevate your mix with its unique pseudo stereo widening effects, giving your tracks a spacious and immersive feel. Download “Wider” today and transform your soundscapes effortlessly with this must-have production tool.

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Features of Wider:

Intuitive Visual Feedback

Real-Time Stereo Enhancement

Seamless Phase Coherence

What to use Wider for?

Phase-Perfect Stereo Enhancement: "Wider" delivers a precise stereo widening effect without causing phase problems, ensuring that your audio remains in perfect balance.
User-Friendly Interface: The plugin's intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows both beginners and professionals to achieve professional-grade stereo widening effortlessly.
Real-Time Processing: Experience instant results with real-time processing, making it a valuable tool for both mixing and live performances.
Versatile Application: "Wider" is suitable for a wide range of audio sources, from vocals and instruments to entire mixes, offering flexibility in your production and sound design.
Zero Cost and No Restrictions: "Wider" is available as a free plugin without any hidden fees, making it an accessible and budget-friendly choice for music producers and audio enthusiasts alike

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