iZotope Vinyl VST Plugin

iZotope Vinyl

Looking to add vintage charm to your music productions? Discover iZotope Vinyl, the ultimate VST plugin for authentic, old-school vinyl sound. Perfect for adding warmth,

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Vocal Doubler

Elevate your music production with iZotope Vocal Doubler, a free VST plugin that offers an innovative solution for enhancing vocal tracks effortlessly. Designed to mimic

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Wider VST Plugin Polyverse


Experience the revolutionary sound manipulation of “Wider” by Polyverse Music – a free VST plugin that widens and enriches your audio in seconds, all without

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Graillon 2 VST Plugin Best Free Autotune

Graillon 2

Unlock the power of pitch perfection with Graillon 2, your go-to free VST autotune plugin. Whether you’re a budding musician or a seasoned producer, Graillon

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Experience the electrifying power of Surge VST plugin! Elevate your music production to new heights with this versatile virtual instrument. Unleash a tsunami of sounds,

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Pecheng Tremolo

Dive deep into the world of waveform manipulation with Pecheng Tremolo, the must-have LFO VST plugin for every sound enthusiast. Designed for meticulous producers, this

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Komplete Start

The Komplete Start by Native Instruments is a comprehensive software bundle for music production that offers aspiring producers and musicians a comprehensive set of virtual instruments, effects, and sounds

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TDR Nova

Get the perfect sound with TDR Nova, our favorite free equalizer plugin by Tokyo Dawn Labs. With its parallel dynamic equalization, NOVA offers a unique blend of classic parametric equalization

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Ample Guitar M Lite II

Ample Guitar M Lite II by Ample Sound is a versatile and realistic virtual guitar instrument for music production. It offers a rich and expressive sound, with realistic playing

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LABS is a creative and innovative synth that features a wide range of different sound options. LABS is a great choice for anyone looking for organic and realistic sounds. It

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Mini Spillage

Unleash your creative potential with MiniSpillage by AudioSpillage, a professional-grade virtual drum instrument that brings fluidity and versatility to your music production process. With its advanced synthesis engine, MiniSpillage delivers

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OTT by Xfer Records is a unique and versatile multiband compressor that is widelyregarded as one of the best free plugins available. The plugin provides transparent and powerful compression, making it a must-have for any

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Ozone Imager

Ozone Imager is a powerful tool for enhancing the stereo image of your mix. With its intuitive interface and powerful controls, Ozone Imager makes it easy to create a wide, immersive soundscape

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Vital is the perfect solution for those looking to enhance their sound and unleash their creative potential. With a range of synthesis options, including wavetable and granular

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